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 Vapour Smoothing

Vapour Smoothing

Posted On 10 January 2022 By Matt Hatch
Protolabs’ new post-process ‘vapour smoothing’ – a first for European digital manufacturing – has developed additive manufacturing further. It enables parts 3D printed from the commonly used material PA-12 and the elastic TPU-01 to be 3D printed with a smooth surface finish similar to that produced by injection moulding.
Anodised Aluminium Handle Metal Part

A Tough Part – Anodised Aluminium

Posted On 20 March 2019 By Matt Hatch
If you need to protect your aluminium part from a harsh working environment or even just add a decorative finish, then anodising could well be the answer.
Painting and finishing Protolabs

Protolabs: Secondary Services

Posted On 12 February 2019 By Matt Hatch
Secondary services may be required to meet the process control, functional or cosmetic (typically branding or labelling) needs for a specific project. The necessity of these additional services are determined by that specific need.