Protolabs Q&A: Secondary Services

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In this episode we answer your questions on post-processes performed on your parts after manufacture, or what we call Secondary Services. Samuel Guest, a Special Operations Project Engineer at Protolabs answering your questions on the following:
  • What is “secondary services”?
  • Is the need for measurement increasing in the future of manufacturing?
  • Is there any specific technology you would recommend?
  • Would any of the secondary services available be suitable for bead blasting?
  • Are all the secondary services available in the UK?
  • Is pad printing a cost effective method for prototype parts?
  • What is the best way to get a company logo onto parts?
  • What to do if I have a surface finish different to what I can select on your quote?
  • Why can I not get a benchmark cost?
  • Why are secondary services not included as standard?
  • I have a request for a service not shown on your website, is this possible?
  • How does secondary services tie in with the Protolabs digital manufacturing model?
  • What secondary services are currently available?
  • How do I get a quote for a secondary service?
  • What are the benefits of letting Protolabs complete secondary services?
  • Are the secondary services as fast as the Protolabs standard offering?
  • Why weren’t secondary services available earlier? Can I add secondary services to parts I’ve already ordered with Protolabs?