Prototyping Services with Injection Moulding

Prototyping with Injection Moulding

Reduce mould costs and validate part designs with a low-cost prototype tool

Our prototyping services with injection moulding are perfect for businesses that need to validate their designs, test their products, and improve their manufacturing process. Appoint Protolabs for your prototype production to discover how our low-cost tooling and efficient turnaround can get your product to market quicker with greater success.

Prototyping Tool for Injection Moulding

Mould Price Lower than on-demand manufacturing tool
Part Price Higher than on-demand manufacturing tool
Mould Cavities Single
Guaranteed Mould Life Limited (guaranteed for at least 2,000 shots)
Mould Storage Stored for 18 months of inactivity
Quality Documentation Basic and digital inspection reports available upon request
Additional Features
  • Aluminium moulds
  • Standard lead time of 15 days or less
  • Tolerances of +/-0.08mm plus resin tolerance (mm./mm.)
  • Set-up fees apply to each production run

Why Use a Prototyping Tool?

Design Feedback

  • Receive interactive design for manufacturability feedback with every quote to make early adjustments before prototyping begins.
  • Talk with applications engineers to discuss any design challenges and manufacturing questions that arise.

Iterative Development

  • Have physical prototypes in hand within days to quickly modify designs during early product development.
  • Produce multiple prototypes at the same time to compare and iterate designs simultaneously.
  • Reduce overall time to market with an iterative product development cycle.

technician holding yellow injection moulded part from protolabs

application engineer examining injection moulding CAD file for prototyping

Design Validation

  • Test the form and fit of components with small quantities of moulded parts.
  • Perform functional test with prototypes manufactured in production-grade materials.
  • Full library of online design resources including guidelines, tips, white papers, and videos.

Market Testing

  • Produce a pilot run injection-moulded parts to validate market interest before launch.
  • Reduce financial risk at market launch by implementing affordable aluminium tooling before full-scale production begins.

free mouldability analysis within hours

Free mouldability analysis within hours

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