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Insight: Best of Injection Moulding


Hello and welcome to the Protolabs Insight video series,

This week we have brought together a number of clips, highlights from the whole series, with a focus on injection moulding. I hope you enjoy, but feel free to explore the detail in our other videos to give you an even deeper insight into how to design better parts.


00:45 - Moving from prototyping to production - Bridging the gap between Prototyping & Production

03:03 - Automated DFM Analysis - DFMA - Design for Manufacturability Analysis

03:42 - Choosing the right Plastic for Injection Moulding - Plastic Injection Moulding part design with Uniform Wall Thickness

04:47 - Sink - Injection Moulding Cosmetics

05:44 - Warping - Injection Moulding Cosmetics

06:28 - Flash - Injection Moulding Cosmetics

07:07 - Knit Lines - Injection Moulding Cosmetics

07:49 - How to deal with Undercuts - Injection Moulding Costs - Cutting them without cutting corners

08:31 - Draft needed for ejecting moulded parts - Surface finishes - what is best for your part?

10:14 - Multi-Cavity Moulding and Family Tooling - Injection Moulding Costs - Cutting them without cutting corners

11:13 - When to turn to Insert Moulding - Insert Moulding

11:53 - Look at Overmoulding - Overmoulding

12:42 - The Advantages of LSR Moulding - Elastomeric Manufacturing


With special thanks to Natalie Constable

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