CNC Machining Resources

Whether it be to support you with your milling or turning part, our learning resources cover a wide array of CNC machining topics.

Design for Machining Toolkit

Get in-depth design advice to optimise your plastic parts for CNC machining. Designing with machining in mind can accelerate production time and reduce production costs

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CNC Surface Finish Guide

cnc as machined part

Learn more about the finishes we offer for CNC machined plastic and metal parts at Protolabs.

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Threaded Holes


For machined parts, you can easily add threaded features, including key and coil inserts. These can be specified within your interactive quote. 

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Case Studies - CNC Machining

Learn more about how Protolabs has supported other companies with their CNC Machining Requirements 

Trend Reports & Guides - CNC Machining

Delve deeper into CNC Machining with our technical whitepapers


CNC Machining Design Cube

CNC design cube

Designing for Speed

Following these design guidelines will result in an optimal and economical manufacturing time.


Design for Function

These features show off capabilities, but take longer to machine.

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CNC Machining Material Selector

We stock numerous materials for your CNC machining project, with multiple grades of plastics and metals available. Our pocket-sized Material Selector is a quick reference guide to help you choose the right plastic or metal material to suit your requirements. It lists specific measurements like heat deflection, tensile strength and hardness to identify the most suitable material for your part’s application, along with its suitability for milling and turning. 

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Design Tips

Get quick advice on creating plastic and metal parts for 3D printing, CNC machining, and injection moulding processes. Designing with manufacturability in mind can accelerate production time and reduce production costs.

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