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The smart factory and digital thread

Smart Manufacturing: How the Industrial Internet of Things is Enabling Factories of the Future

Posted On August 13, 2019 By Protolabs
The internet of things offers the ability to collect, monitor, and respond to data in real time.
Smartphone Manufacturers Push the Boundary in Design and Functionality

A Conversation with Protolabs’ Founder Larry Lukis

Posted On May 14, 2019 By Nicole Hopper
In honor of our 20th anniversary, Larry shares stories of Proto Mold beginnings, memorable moments over the years, and his take on Protolabs today.
Copper Labs

Copper Labs Takes an Agile Approach to Hardware Development

Posted On February 5, 2019 By Matt Ahart
Copper Labs is working towards a more sustainable future with its smart device that helps consumers and utilities manage energy consumption and cost.
molding an aluminum mold for production

What Makes a Good Cool Idea Award Application

Posted On November 21, 2017 By Protolabs
Get the inside scoop on what makes a Cool Idea Award application stand out from the rest of the pack.
A graphic of the smart factory

The Growing Impact of IoT: How the Internet of Things is Automating the World

Posted On July 12, 2017 By Protolabs
IoT promises widespread automation and data exchange, which will change the way we work and live.

Cool Ideas for the Gift Giving Season

Posted On May 25, 2017 By Matt Ahart
Looking for a gift for the holiday season? These Cool Idea Award recipients might fit the bill.