We firmly believe that partnering with like-minded organizations will help increase awareness and adoption of manufacturing technologies across many different applications and industries. See how partnering with industry and university leaders is helping advance the future of digital manufacturing.

Protolabs x Cool Idea Award

We love to partner with innovative thinkers—from university students and scientists to nonprofits and sustainability leaders—to help bring new products to the finish line with manufacturing grants and promotional support. Learn more about the program at our Cool Idea Award hub.

Protolabs x Industry

Digital manufacturing is constantly evolving to meet the demands of today. We work alongside industry leaders and government organizations to ensure we remain on the cutting edge and continue to provide the best capabilities to designers and engineers.

Protolabs x Education

Universities across the country are making the most of breakthroughs in product innovation to make conceptual ideas a reality. We are honored to partner with many of these institutions to help support the next generation of product designers and mechanical engineers. Learn more in our Education Hub.

Protolabs x Makers

Digital manufacturing is rapidly expanding what is possible for makers. We love to partner with people, programs, social media channels that epitomize this and introduce new audiences to magic of advanced manufacturing tech.

Protolabs x You?

We are always in search of unique partnerships that would benefit from our digital manufacturing capabilities. Whether you fit into one of the above categories or have an outside-of-the-box idea, we are open to starting a conversation. Some basic requirement include:

  • Based in the United States
  • Affiliated with an established company or educational institution; or have a business plan that you are prepared to discuss
  • Have a manufacturing need that we can accommodate? Check out our capabilities.

If you are still interested, contact Brent Renneke at [email protected] with your idea and how we could help.