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Sheet metal fabrication

Evaluating Sheet Metal Capabilities for Custom Parts

Posted On May 27, 2020 By Jamie White
Evaluating sheet metal capabilities such as materials, assembly options, and more for custom parts.
Medical-grade materials

Medical-Grade Materials Play Vital Role in Product Development, Fight Against COVID-19

Posted On April 10, 2020 By Protolabs
Medical-grade materials play vital role in product development and fight against COVID-19
Welding vs. Riveting

Welding vs. Riveting: Fusing Sheet Metal Parts

Posted On March 12, 2020 By Steve Konick
When fusing pieces of sheet metal together, consider using welding or riveting processes.
sheet metal quoting

Simplifying the Sheet Metal Quoting Process with eRapid

Posted On March 9, 2020 By Protolabs
Get help with your next sheet metal fabrication project by simplifying the quoting process.
There's No Crying in Medical Manufacturing!

There's No Crying in Medical Manufacturing!

Posted On September 30, 2019 By Annie Cashman
Medical manufacturing innovation is being aided by Protolabs and its ever-expanding services.
powder coating sheet metal

Custom Sheet Metal Parts: Adding a Finishing Touch

Posted On March 27, 2019 By Steve Konick
Whether you want to extend the life of your part, make it aesthetically pleasing, or ensure structural integrity of your assembly, it’s all about the finishing.
laser cut sheet metal parts

What is Laser Cutting?

Posted On March 13, 2019 By Steve Konick
Lasers have emerged as prime production tools, bringing precision and strength as cutting methods for various metal manufacturing processes.
Copper Labs

A Sheet Metal Materials Comparison: Galvanized vs. Galvannealed Steel

Posted On February 8, 2019 By Steve Konick
Two of the most popular forms of carbon steel for manufacturing—galvanized and galvannealed—start with the same process, but that’s where the similarities end.