Injection Molding for Polypropylene Parts

Thermoplastic polymer is used in packaging of consumer products and plastic components

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Polypropylene (PP) is a thermoplastic addition polymer, which is used predominantly in injection molding applications. PP is inexpensive and easy to access, and due to its semi-crystalline property it possesses a high flexural strength. PP is resistant to moisture absorption, and has a very slippery surface that makes it a good substitute for other plastics in a variety of low-friction applications. Polypropylene's properties are similar to polyethylene, but PP is slightly harder and more heat resistant.

Polypropylene is featured in an array of injection molding applications, including the packaging of consumer products as well as being regularly used in plastic components in the automotive industry. Because of its relatively low density and weight, polypropylene can also be used in a variety of molded PP products such as:

  • Children's toys
  • Sporting goods
  • Caps
  • Closures
  • Automotive applications
  • Food trays
  • Cups and to-go containers
  • Household goods and appliances like dishwashers

We offer numerous polypropylene options available for injection molding applications,
each with their own distinctive qualities.

Pro-fax 6323

  • General purpose polypropylene
  • Resin typically used in injection molding applications
  • Good stiffness
  • Heat aging resistant
  • High ESCR (Stress Crack Resistant)
  • Homopolymer
  • Used in automotive applications, caps, closures,
    containers, sporting goods, and toys

Pro-fax 6523

  • General purpose polypropylene resin
  • Good stiffness
  • Heat-aging resistant
  • High ESCR (Stress-crack resistant)
  • Homopolymer
  • Used in food containers, household goods,
    and thermoformed containers

Pro-Fax PD702

  • Polypropylene
  • Resin typically used in injection molding applications
  • Homopolymer
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Good processability
  • Used in caps, closures, and containers


Pro-fax SG702

  • High impact polypropylene copolymer
  • Resin typically used in injection molding applications
  • Very good cold temperature impact resistance
  • Used in automotive interior parts, sporting goods, and toys

FHR Polypropylene P5M6K-048

  • Random copolymer
  • High clarity
  • Produced without animal derived components or phthalates
  • Used in consumer applications and medical and health care applications

To learn more about all materials we offer, check out our material comparison guide. And, read our new white paper exploring material alternatives for plastic injection molding.

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