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BattleBot DUCK! Prepares for New Season

PODCAST: BattleBot DUCK! Prepares for New Season

Posted On December 14, 2021 By Protolabs
Perennial fan-favorite, DUCK!, is ready to take on foes large and small, this winter on The Discovery Channel’s popular program, BattleBots. Powered by Protolabs, the wily veteran of several seasons has some great new features in version 3.0.
Finger Flyer

PODCAST: Flying in the Palm of Your Hand

Posted On August 24, 2021 By Protolabs
Sometimes the coolest inventions are right at your fingertips. The Finger Flyer Hoverboard is a fun toy, but also a great teaching tool that explores aerodynamics. Find out how we helped manufacture this remote control-free quadcopter drone.
LUCI Wheelchair

PODCAST: It's the LUCI Show as Wheelchairs Meet the Modern Age

Posted On July 28, 2021 By Protolabs
In this podcast, we explore how a company is making power wheelchairs smart and sensor-based.
CTQ on molded parts

PODCAST: New Trends in Injection Molding Production

Posted On June 24, 2021 By Protolabs
In this podcast, we explore the new ways in which we're bringing a better customer experience through scientific molding techniques, careful quality control and reporting, and enhanced inspection.
Metal 3D-printed part

PODCAST: Large-scale 3D printing with GE Additive’s X Line

Posted On May 24, 2021 By Protolabs
Explore the history of large-format 3D printing and how to design your parts for best results on these machines with GE Additive.
Hubs CEO

PODCAST: Increasing Speed and Flexibility with Protolabs x 3D Hubs

Posted On May 17, 2021 By Protolabs
Get the backstory on our acquisition of 3D Hubs and find out how combining a service bureau and a supplier distribution network will forever change how manufacturing is done worldwide.
OVR device

PODCAST: The Benefits of Smell in Virtual Reality

Posted On May 14, 2021 By Protolabs
OVR Technology worked with us to create parts that led to its ION device, which presents users with smells that trigger memories that can lead to therapeutic benefits.

PODCAST: COVID-19’s Impact on Supply Chains and the Role of Digital Manufacturing

Posted On July 24, 2020 By Protolabs
The recent triple whammy of political, medical, and economic volatility has hit manufacturing hard. Some companies are finding novel ways to cope with supply chain and emergency parts issues.

PODCAST: Breathe99 Founder Max Bock-Aronson’s Next-gen Mask Protects Against COVID-19

Posted On May 26, 2020 By Protolabs
On our first episode of The Digital Thread, Breathe99 founder Max Bock-Aronson discusses the history of the B2 mask and the challenges of manufacturing it.