PP-like Carbon FPU 50

A tough all-purpose engineering grade material that comes in black.

3D Printed ABS-like White (Accura Xtreme White 200) part

Product Description

Carbon FPU 50 exhibits the highest elongation of any of the 3D printing thermoset resins at 200% making it the most flexible option. Available in black, it falls under the PP-like category of 3D printing resins.


  • Complex designs that are challenging to mold
  • Production parts 
  • Durable end-use components

Key Benefits

  • Highest elongation properties
  • Fatigue resistance

Related Materials

  • Carbon RPU 70
  • Carbon EPX 86Fr

PP-like Carbon FPU 50 Properties

The following mechanical, electrical, and thermal property data was gathered from the base material used
in the formulation of Carbon FPU 50 material. Properties of the final formulated material may differ from those
published below.

General Properties


Hardness, ASTM D2240 71, Shore D
Density, ASTM D792 1.05 g/cm3
Density (liquid resin) 1.06 g/cm3
Taber Abrasion, ASTM D4060, CS-17, 1 kg, 100% vacuum 6.5 mg / 1000 cycles
Water Absorption, Short Term (24 hours) ASTM D570 < 1%
Water Absorption, Long Term (14 days) ASTM D570 < 1%

Tensile Properties

ASTM D638, Type V, 10 mm/min

  Metric US
Tensile Modulus 700 MPa 100 ksi
Yield Strength 15 MPa 2 ksi
Strain at Yield 7% 7%
Ultimate Tensile Strength 25 MPa 4 ksi
Elongation at Break 200% 200%

For more detailed properties, download the full data sheet.

Carbon DLS Finishing Options


With unfinished, you get varying aesthetics based on build orientation. Dots or standing nibs remain evident on the bottom of the part from the support structure remnants.

Natural Finish

With natural finishing, you get varying aesthetics based on build orientation. Standing nibs are sanded flat.