Injection Molding for High-density Polyethylene (HDPE) Parts

High-density resin used for durable injection molds can sustain strong impact

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is a resin found typically in pellet form, intended to be used in injection molding applications designed to withstand high impact, possess high-stress crack resistance, and have extreme durability. HDPE is also designed to provide excellent processability for molders.

HDPE is an ideal material for multiple aspects of the shipping industry. It's used in injection molding applications for:

  • Industrial pails
  • Industrial parts
  • Shipping containers
  • Molded crates
  • Cases
  • Totes
  • Parts that require high modulus

HDPE meets the rigorous performance characteristics of applications that require stackability, environmental-stress crack resistance, and impact strength.

HDPE provides excellent stiffness, and is highly warp resistant. Applications using HDPE are highly sustainable due to the resin's extreme durability, and HDPE parts meet high impact strength and stiffness requirements. High-density polyethylene's high strength-to-density composition and versatility make HDPE an extremely popular plastic that serves the needs of a wide array of industries. HDPE is typically lower in cost and has great chemical and impact resistance.

Protolabs offer three distinctive High Density Polyethylene options with their own set of unique characteristics.

DOW DMDA-8907 NT 7

  • Ideal for injection molding
  • Designed for excellent processability to molders
  • Superb impact strength
  • Terrific environmental stress crack resistance
  • Narrow molecular weight distribution
  • Intended for use in injection molding applications like pails, industrial parts, and a variety of shipping containers
  • Meets rigorous performance characteristics of applications requiring stackability

Marlex 9006

  • Tailored for injection-molded applications that require moderate flow
  • High impact resistance
  • Good stiffness
  • Hexene comonomer
  • Food contact acceptable
  • High density
  • Highly sustainable
  • Durable
  • Recyclable material
  • Typical uses include industrial pails, automotive applications, and foamed parts

DOW DMDA-8007 NT 7

  • High density homopolymer
  • Narrow molecular weight distribution
  • Designed for excellent stiffness
  • Low warpage
  • Good toughness
  • Great moldability
  • Ideally suited for injection-molded crates, cases, trays, tote bins, and objects requiring high rigidity

To learn more about all materials we offer, check out our material comparison guide.

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