PEEK Injection Molding

PEEK parts offer high strength, stiffness, and chemical resistance


PEEK, or poly ether ketone, is a high performance resin with excellent strength and ductility. It's also FDA compliant for food contact and can be sterilized for medical applications.

Key benefits

  • Good strength and stiffness
  • High Ductility
  • Chemically resistant
  • Food safe

PEEK Material Properties

  Tensile Strength
Tensile Elongation (Break) Flexural Modulus Shore D Hardness Melting Point Data Sheet
Test Method ISO 527 ISO 527 ISO 178 ISO 868 ISO 11357  
Victrex PEEK 450G 98 MPa 45% 3.8 GPa 84.5 343 C VIEW PDF

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PEEK Applications

Since PEEK is an inert material, it can be used in many applications that require chemical resistance. Industries such as medical, oil and gas, and aerospace often turn to PEEK for plastic parts.

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