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Charging electric vehicle

City Buses Chart New Course to Join EV Revolution

Posted On January 31, 2023 By Protolabs
The electric vehicle boom is in full swing and has recently expanded to mass transit, such as buses.
mold base size

Estimating Mold Cost and Eliminating Cost Drivers in Injection Molding

Posted On July 20, 2022 By Rob Young
When comparing potential manufacturing processes against criteria like price and lead-time, there are many things to keep in mind. Different processes require different processing times, different types of materials, and most likely, different part design requirements and considerations. Today, we’re going to cover part design cost drivers.
3 square FDM Prints

A Brief Look at Desktop and Industrial FDM 3D Printing

Posted On May 26, 2022 By Protolabs
There’s one of only a few 3D printing processes that is possible at both a desktop- and industrial-level. It’s fused deposition modeling (FDM), although you’ll sometimes see it referred to as fused filament fabrication (FFF). It’s a great printing process to create prototype parts to test fit and form. Because it prints using thermoplastic material, it also delivers parts that are functional when in a high-heat environment, or when exposed to chemicals or mechanical stress.
Ribs on plastic part design illustration

Hacksmith Brings Marvel’s Hulkbuster to Life with a Helping Hand from Protolabs

Posted On April 28, 2022 By Protolabs
We sat down with co-founder and COO, Ian Hillier, to chat about Hacksmith’s humble beginnings, its latest Hulkbuster project (which we were psyched to assist with for 3D-printed components), and what’s next for the creative crew.
Ribs on plastic part design illustration

How to Avoid ‘Over-Engineering’ Your Next Part Design

Posted On April 25, 2022 By Protolabs
When you hear the term “over-engineering,” you probably think about all of those overly complicated products we’ve all encountered that seem too complex relative to their intended use. The confusing shower faucet controls. The washer or dryer with a dizzying array of counter-intuitive buttons and settings. Your new car’s baffling audio setup. Well, you get the idea.
Finishing Options for Sheet Metal Parts

Benefits and Considerations for Sheet Metal Part Finishing

Posted On April 7, 2022 By Amanda Tierney
Finishing options for sheet metal vary depending on your needs. For instance, are you looking for an aesthetically pleasing part, a part that needs to withstand environmental challenges and wear, or are you testing overall functionality?
battery manufacturing facility

Battery Technology Powers EVs, But Faces Cost, Materials, Innovation Challenges

Posted On March 28, 2022 By Gurvinder Singh
The innovation race is on to create next-generation battery technology as the industry seeks to develop batteries that are cheaper, faster to charge, and less vulnerable to raw material shortages.
pie chart of events

Preparing for the Next Black Swan Event

Posted On March 14, 2022 By Gurvinder Singh
It is not a question of if but rather when will the next black swan event hit the globalized supply chain. And it is critical that companies learn from the last couple of years and develop an agile supply chain network that delivers value, reduces risk, and is not just driven by cost.
Digging Under the Feathers of BattleBot DUCK!

Digging Under the Feathers of BattleBot DUCK!

Posted On January 4, 2022 By Steve Konick
It’s that time of year again, time for the BattleBots to go at it to see who is the fiercest in the BattleBox. For the third time, Protolabs is powering DUCK!, the 250-pound, low-riding, and somewhat adorable competitor from Team Black and Blue.
How Automation Will Power the Next Generation of CNC Machining

How Automation Will Power the Next Generation of CNC Machining

Posted On December 15, 2021 By Amanda Tierney
The speed and complexity of modern manufacturing have pushed the limits of what a traditional CNC machine can handle. Let’s walk through the critical components enabling the next generation of CNC manufacturing.