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Fillets on machined parts

Fillets and Chamfers: Getting Edgy with Machining

Posted On May 16, 2022 By Protolabs
A newly machined metal part can end up with edges that are sharper than desired for the end user unless the design smooths or breaks those sharp edges. To create an edge break, the design should incorporate sloped or beveled edges and corners known as chamfers—or rounded ones called fillets.
Ribs on plastic part design illustration

How to Avoid ‘Over-Engineering’ Your Next Part Design

Posted On April 25, 2022 By Protolabs
When you hear the term “over-engineering,” you probably think about all of those overly complicated products we’ve all encountered that seem too complex relative to their intended use. The confusing shower faucet controls. The washer or dryer with a dizzying array of counter-intuitive buttons and settings. Your new car’s baffling audio setup. Well, you get the idea.