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Loading containers onto a truck

How a Modified, Just-in-Time Manufacturing Approach Evolved for Supply Chains

Posted On April 17, 2023 By Bernie Henderson
Just-in-time manufacturing was created to cure supply chain woes, but something happened…
People working in warehouse

Friendshoring Can Mitigate Supply Risks, But Getting There is Tricky

Posted On March 24, 2023 By Bernie Henderson
One of the latest trends in supply chain strategies is friendshoring—find out why!
The Current State of Supply Chains

The Current State of Supply Chains

Posted On April 18, 2022 By Bernie Henderson
A quick look at the current state of global supply chains with Protolabs' Director of Strategic Sourcing, Bernie Henderson.
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How to Navigate Supply Challenges as Electronic and Autonomous Vehicle Development Ramps Up

Posted On August 12, 2021 By Bernie Henderson
Supply chain disruptions and shortages threaten progress in the the electric and autonomous vehicle industry. Digital manufacturing can help.
Protecting your supply chain

COVID, Shipping Containers, and the Suez Canal: What Happens Next, and How to Protect Your Supply Chain

Posted On April 23, 2021 By Bernie Henderson
The recent Suez Canal ship blockage shows the need to mitigate supply chain risks.
Is it Time to Reboot Your Supply Chain?

Is it Time to Reboot Your Supply Chain?

Posted On February 26, 2020 By Bernie Henderson
Procurement managers are turning to digital manufacturing to help tame supply chain disruption.