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sheet metal sketch

Optimizing Sheet Metal Technical Data for Fast, Accurate Quotes

Posted On July 6, 2022 By Jamie White,Scott Trecartin
When it comes to getting a fabricated sheet metal part that is consistent with a complex set of technical requirements, ensuring that a supplier has all the necessary information to generate an accurate quote is the first (and most important) hurdle to cross.
sheet metal part being cut on laser cutting machine

Designs We Love: Sheet Metal

Posted On February 11, 2022 By Scott Trecartin
If you’ve worked with us in the past for your sheet metal parts, you know that we’re all about efficiency–getting your quick-turn parts to you…well, quickly. There are a handful of design best practices our customers can keep top of mind to ensure a smooth process from design upload to the moment you have your finished part in hand. Here are some sheet metal design elements and features we love to see.