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Earth Day Volunteers
Charitable Giving
May 20, 2022

Protolabs Supports Communities Through Foundation, Employee Giving

At Protolabs, we love giving back to our communities and have several corporate and employee programs that help further this mission. As a technology-enabled manufacturer, supporting STEM related programs and initiatives is important to us, and we’re proud to be able to do this through the Protolabs Foundation. In addition to the Foundation, we have a number of employee giving groups that coordinate monetary and donation drives throughout the year to give back to our local communities and the causes that matter most to our employees.
By Protolabs
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Protolabs new quoting platform
Digital Quoting Platform
February 2, 2021

Change is Good: The Evolution of a Digital Quoting Platform

We’re pleased to announce our all-new digital quoting platform.
By Protolabs
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Digital Manufacturing
October 30, 2019

Hacksmith Crafts Real Versions of Fictional Ideas—with Hand from Digital Manufacturing

YouTuber Hacksmith takes fictional ideas from comics and video games and makes working prototypes.
By Sarah Ekenberg
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STEM students at summer program
July 30, 2019

Helping Build The Next Generation of Innovators

As a people-first company we strive to support the communities that we work and live in. That’s why each year the Protolabs Foundation provides grants to organizations advancing students’ interest in STEM-related fields.
By Protolabs
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molding an aluminum mold for production
July 25, 2018

Part III: How Digitalization Ensures Quality in Manufacturing – Inspections and Continuous Improvement

Ensuring quality is a fundamental component at Protolabs, and this component can be found throughout the entire manufacturing process.
By Kevin Ashton
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