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leveraging ODM for margin improvment

Streamlining and Winning in the Prototyping-to-Production Transition

Posted On October 11, 2021 By Rob Young
Often, injection molding is considered the most cost-effective production option for SKUs with estimated annual usage in the low-thousands for volume. It comes down to economies of scale—you just set up once to run tens or hundreds of thousands of parts. The highest volumes often bring you the lowest per unit price tags. But, the production setting also typically carries something else with it if you’re thoughtful—cost control, and lots of it.
on-demand injection molding service facility

Online Manufacturing Platform Can Offer Best of Both Worlds: Service Bureau AND Supplier Network

Posted On February 15, 2021 By Protolabs
An online manufacturing platform offers the best of service bureau AND supplier network options.
Scientific Molding Supports On-Demand Manufacturing Capabilities

Scientific Molding Supports On-Demand Manufacturing Capabilities

Posted On March 9, 2020 By Jack Rulander
Scientific molding is the foundation for Protolabs' on-demand manufacturing capabilities.
Just-in-Time Supply Chains

Just in Time: Control Market Demand, Inventory, and Costs with On-Demand Manufacturing

Posted On November 14, 2019 By Protolabs
Use a just-in-time supply chain to control demand, inventory, costs with on-demand manufacturing.
Injection Molding: Aluminum vs. Steel Tooling

Injection Molding: Aluminum vs. Steel Tooling

Posted On May 30, 2017 By Tony Holtz
A comparison between aluminum and steel tooling for injection-molded parts.
rapid injection molding infographic

3 Ways to Improve Operations with On-Demand Production

Posted On April 14, 2017 By Matt Ahart
Three ways on-demand production reduces design risk, accelerates time to market, and cuts costs.