September 16, 2022

YouTube Maker Brings Assassin’s Creed Blade to Life with Digital Manufacturing

By Protolabs

Jairus Troup delights his nearly 500,000 YouTube subscribers by building real-world versions of tools, gadgets, and equipment originating from video games and movies. While he prides himself on completing each project relying on resourcefulness from his garage, some tasks are intricate enough to require outside resources. Enter Protolabs.

The latest video on his channel, Jairus of All, brings to life the Hidden Blade from the popular video game series Assassin’s Creed. We worked with Troup to mill the blade and housing using Steel Alloy 4140 and Aluminum 7075-T651, respectively. The top housing also included an intricate design to match the version used in Assassin’s Creed.

Our machining expertise and Troup’s craftsman creativity came together to create a blade that propels out from its hidden compartment pneumatically.

Troup is the latest YouTube creator we’ve teamed up with to help make the seemingly impossible, possible. Last year we partnered with Mark Rober to build his annual Glitter Bomb, followed by our most recent project with Hacksmith creating the Hulkbuster used by Marvel’s Ironman in the “Avengers” movie series.