Medical CNC Machining

Accelerate medical device development and market introduction through rapid prototyping, bridge tooling, and low-volume production

CNC Milling

Why do Customers in the Medical Industry Use Protolabs?

Digital manufacturing offers the speed and precision required in medical component prototyping and production. Our CNC machining services support engineers and device developers in the medical industry by offering: 

  • design for manufacturability (DFM) feedback on every quote 
  • ability to prototype in production-grade materials 
  • low-volume and precise production parts in as fast as one day 
  • diverse materials (high-temperature plastics, medical-grade silicone rubber, and hundreds of plastic, metal, and elastomeric materials) 
  • quality certifications: ISO 9001:2015
  • post processing such as anodizing and plating 

CNC Machining Processes for Medical Applications

CNC Milling

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CNC Turning

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CNC Material
Shown is a pre-cut block of Ultem plastic, which works well for high-temperature medical applications.

Materials for Machined Medical Parts 

We offer an array of materials that can be machined including thermal- and chemical-resistant plastics as well as medical-grade alloys suitable for medical components.

PEEK and PEI (Ultem). These high-temperature plastics are creep resistant and suited for applications that require sterilization. 

Aluminum, Titanium, and Inconel. These metals offer temperature resistance and are a great fit for medical components and instruments.  

Stainless Steel. This corrosion-resistant metal also offers high heat tolerance.

CNC Mill Legs
Parker Hannifin's robotic exoskeleton consists of brace worn around the hips and lower legs, and is powered by motors, batteries, electronics, and intelligent software that aids in the users’ movement. The parts shown were all produced at Protolabs.

CNC Machining for Medical Device Applications

From connected devices to mass personalization of healthcare products, digital manufacturing can accelerate development in many different ways. We offer production-grade materials for functional and regulatory testing of medical parts. Some common components we machine for medical applications include:  

  • Handheld devices 
  • Surgical instruments 
  • Enclosures and housings 
  • Ventilators 
  • Implantable prototypes 
  • Prosthetic components 
  • Wearables
  • Cartridges

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