Cool Idea

Sleeping Beauty Delivers Peace of Mind with Geolocation Technology

Device used service grant from Protolabs to machine and mold components

Product designers at Sleeping Beauty, a German-based company developing an internet of things security device, are the latest recipients of the Protolabs Cool Idea Award.

After having his automobile stolen, Jakob Lipps, co-founder of Sleeping Beauty, went searching for a solution to make sure it never happens again. Unable to find a solution, Jakob and his co-founder began developing it on their own. This led to the creation of a compact security device now known as Sleeping Beauty.

Sleeping Beauty's developers initially leveraged Protolabs’ CNC machining services to prototype and validate the design of their plastic enclosure. With the Cool Idea Award, they have shifted to low-volume production with rapid injection molding.

Sleeping Beauty uses GSM and GPS technology to track the location of valuable possessions anywhere within cellular network coverage. Thanks to the “Prince Charming” processor (ARM Cortex M0+) inside Sleeping Beauty, the standby time is unprecedented. Sleeping Beauty will sleep undisturbed for up to one year and report its location and remaining battery life at regular intervals via the smartphone app. In Sleep Mode, “Prince Charming” needs only 270 nanoampere. If the device detects movement, it will wake up and send location data to its owner’s smartphone.

“In a market cluttered with complex gadgets, Sleeping Beauty is an elegant solution for a variety of common problems.”

“In a market cluttered with complex gadgets, Sleeping Beauty is an elegant solution for a variety of common problems,” said Protolabs founder Larry Lukis. “Its simple and intuitive design makes it well-suited to succeed in the consumer marketplace. We are excited to support them as they bring the device into production.”

Sleeping Beauty is primarily targeted at the consumer market, but its creators see promise in businesses-to-business applications in the future. Sleeping Beauty will be available in Europe by December 2016 and have an initial price of 136 EUR. The North American launch will follow by the middle of 2017.

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