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Loading containers onto a truck

How a Modified, Just-in-Time Manufacturing Approach Evolved for Supply Chains

Posted On April 17, 2023 By Bernie Henderson
Just-in-time manufacturing was created to cure supply chain woes, but something happened…
People working in warehouse

Friendshoring Can Mitigate Supply Risks, But Getting There is Tricky

Posted On March 24, 2023 By Bernie Henderson
One of the latest trends in supply chain strategies is friendshoring—find out why!
Cargo ships loading at a port

Onshoring Supply Chains Help Relieve Supply Pains

Posted On August 9, 2022 By Rob Young
You know about black swan events: those unpredictable forces that can lead to potentially devastating consequences. They’ve been swooping in with disturbing regularity. Past trade wars with and tariffs on China. The lingering pandemic. The stuck container ship blocking the Suez Canal. Clogged ports. Container shortages. Trucker shortages. Geopolitical uncertainty including Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Surging inflation. Ongoing natural disasters and climate-change factors.
Approved Vendor List

Checking the Boxes on Your Approved Vendor List

Posted On July 10, 2020 By Protolabs
11 reasons why Protolabs should be on your Approved Vendor List (AVL).
Tame Demand Volatility with a Digital Supplier

Taming Demand Volatility with a Digital Supply Chain

Posted On May 17, 2019 By Protolabs
Tame the beast of demand volatility with the help of a digital manufacturing supplier that can help create efficiencies and reduce costs.