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Bloodsport bot

Bloodsport Gears up for BattleBots Season 7 with Manufacturing Help from Protolabs

Posted On January 4, 2023 By Protolabs
We partnered with Bloodsport, machining key bot parts ahead of the new season
Bots ‘n’ Stuff Team

Bloodsport x Protolabs: Ready for BattleBots Action

Posted On September 28, 2022 By Protolabs
We’re pumped to be partnering with legendary bot Bloodsport, lending manufacturing assistance to get this bot ready for battle in the upcoming season of Battlebots!

Decoding Fourth Industrial Revolution Buzzwords

Posted On August 4, 2022 By Protolabs
Industry 4.0. is unfolding in real time and the conversation on digitization, automation, and the present and future state of manufacturing is generating quite a buzz. Let’s unpack some common buzzwords we hear on the subject and how they relate to digital manufacturing.
Computing power at Protolabs

New Products Highlight Advances in Robotics, Drone Technology

Posted On October 4, 2018 By Protolabs
Innovative new robotics and drone products include a wearable exoskeleton, a robot museum guide, and a self-riding motorcycle.
Battlebots show on Discovery

Robot Designer Takes Latest Creation DUCK! Into ‘BattleBots’ Arena

Posted On June 4, 2018 By Nicole Hopper
Hal Rucker relied on quick-turn machining and sheet metal fabrication as he designed, built, and tested his latest BattleBot in just a few weeks.