CNC Machining for Brass Parts

Well rounded properties make brass a versatile metal for machined components


Brass is a weather and corrosion resistant metal with tensile strength similar to mild steel. It's also an easy to machine material, so feedrates can remain high and coolant need is minimal.

We carry two grades of brass for CNC machining:

Brass C260 cartridge brass contains 70 percent copper and 30 percent zinc. It's considered the most general purpose of all brass alloys.

Brass C360 remains the industry standard for general machining and high volume production. The excellent machinability characteristic of C36000 permits full utilization of a screw machine’s capabilities.

Material Properties for Machined Brass

Material  Ultimate Tensile Strength Elongation  Hardness 
Brass C260 62 kpsi 30% 70 HRB
Brass C36000 58 kpsi 25% 78 HRB


Brass Machining Applications

  • Automotive terminals
  • Door trim
  • Jewelry
  • Screws and rivets
  • Valve stems
  • Plumbing components

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