LDPE Injection Molding

LDPE is a thermoplastic that creates parts with impact resistance and good flexibility


Low density polyethylene or LDPE is an all-purpose resin with impact resistance, crack resistance, and excellent flexibility.

Key benefits of LDPE:

  • Excellent aesthetics
  • Flexibility
  • Impact resistant and ESCR

Injection Molding LDPE Material Properties

  Melt Mass-Flow Rate
Tensile Strength
Tensile Elongation Tensile Impact Strength Shore D Hardness Data Sheet
Test Method ASTM 1238 ASTM D638 ASTM D638 ASTM 1822 ASTM D2240  
DOW LDPE 722 8.0 g/10 min 8.27 MPa 500% 273 kJ/m2 43 VIEW PDF

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