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Digging Under the Feathers of BattleBot DUCK!

Digging Under the Feathers of BattleBot DUCK!

Posted On January 4, 2022 By Steve Konick
It’s that time of year again, time for the BattleBots to go at it to see who is the fiercest in the BattleBox. For the third time, Protolabs is powering DUCK!, the 250-pound, low-riding, and somewhat adorable competitor from Team Black and Blue.
BattleBots Giant Nut Trophy video

How to Clone BattleBots Trophy with CNC Machining

Posted On September 23, 2019 By Steve Konick
For the first time, BattleBots granted a company permission to replicate its coveted Giant Nut trophy. The original is awarded to the team that wins the annual competition, which features fierce, fighting robots, and airs on the Discovery Channel.