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Microfine material
3D Printing
October 12, 2023

Recent 3D Printing Trends in the Medical Industry

What does the future hold for 3D printing within the medical industry?
By Protolabs
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Medical device
Industry Spotlight
February 28, 2023

On-Demand Manufacturing Bolsters Medical Device Innovation

On-demand digital manufacturing adds speed, reliability, and quality to production of medical parts
By Protolabs
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3D Printing and Customized Medical Implants
MFG 360
September 4, 2022

3D Printing and Customized Medical Implants

3D printing is making major inroads into customising medical implants for individuals. It allows implant manufacturers and sometimes even hospitals to create complex geometries and patient specific solutions that saves the surgeon time and improves a patient’s outcome.
By Protolabs
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Custom  injection-molded part
Digital Manufacturing
December 7, 2020

2020: Agile Sourcing, Swift Pivots Helped Industry Fight COVID-19 Pandemic

In 2020, agile sourcing and swift pivots helped the manufacturing industry fight the COVID-19 pandemic.
By Steve Konick
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Medical-grade materials
Tech Tips
April 10, 2020

Medical-Grade Materials Play Vital Role in Product Development, Fight Against COVID-19

Medical-grade materials play vital role in product development and fight against COVID-19
By Protolabs
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3D printing manufacturer Carbon test-design ideas for COVID-19 test swabs
Eye on Innovation
April 7, 2020

3D Printing Industry Gets Creative to Combat COVID-19

Additive manufacturing companies create PPE, ventilator parts, and test swabs as stop gap measures while traditional manufacturing ramps up.
By Nicole Hopper
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Quick-turn injection molding
Supply Chain
April 1, 2020

Medical Manufacturing Speed, Agility Crucial During Pandemic

As the medical industry faces unprecedented challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, manufacturers are stepping up to help with supply chain disruption and shortages.
By Chris Stevens
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There's No Crying in Medical Manufacturing!
Industry Spotlight
September 30, 2019

There's No Crying in Medical Manufacturing!

Medical manufacturing innovation is being aided by Protolabs and its ever-expanding services.
By Annie Cashman
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