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High-Line mounted to wall
July 16, 2020

Cleveland Clinic Device Saves PPE, Increases Patient Freedom

Inventors from Cleveland Clinic developed the High-Line to increase safety and freedom in the ICU, while reducing PPE use during this critical time.
By Nicole Hopper
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Soffio inflatable mask
Eye on Innovation
July 8, 2020

Product Innovations in the Face of a Pandemic

Throughout history innovators have flourished during crises, solving needs and shortages, and the current coronavirus pandemic is no different.
By Nicole Hopper
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Medical-grade materials
Tech Tips
April 10, 2020

Medical-Grade Materials Play Vital Role in Product Development, Fight Against COVID-19

Medical-grade materials play vital role in product development and fight against COVID-19
By Protolabs
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Quick-turn injection molding
Supply Chain
April 1, 2020

Medical Manufacturing Speed, Agility Crucial During Pandemic

As the medical industry faces unprecedented challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, manufacturers are stepping up to help with supply chain disruption and shortages.
By Chris Stevens
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medical device prototyping
Materials Matchup
September 6, 2019

PEEK, PEI, LSR, and Other Material Options for Medical Prototyping

Consider materials along with manufacturing processes for medical device prototyping.
By Nicole Hopper
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self-sailing boat drones
Industry Spotlight
April 23, 2019

Innovation is Personal: Cleveland Clinic Alliance Spurs Med Advances

A family story shows how medtech innovation can be personal, making Protolabs’ new alliance with Cleveland Clinic Innovations especially gratifying.
By Annie Cashman
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Glucose monitoring system
December 13, 2018

NOVO Turns to Machining, Molding for Medical Device Prototyping

With its in-house machine shop overloaded and a need for molded prototype parts, NOVO Engineering turned to Protolabs to aid in the development of a continuous glucose monitoring system.
By Protolabs
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robotic prosthetic
November 14, 2018

Startup Helps Researchers Take Next Step in Prosthesis and Exoskeleton Design

Humotech works with scientists and engineers at universities and government research labs who are exploring next-generation assistive medical device designs.
By Protolabs
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