Case Studies

See how innovative companies are using rapid manufacturing to solve complex development challenges and launch successful products to market fast.

Helix Bikes

Bike maker uses machined titanium to create innovative new folding bike model

Wicab Inc.

Med device brings vision to blind with help from on-demand injection molding

University of Minnesota Rocketry Group

3D printing service boosts rocket project for engineering students

Smalley Steel Ring Company

DFM analysis, injection molding service help wave-spring manufacturer reduce costs

‭Brunswick Boats-Sea Ray Yachts

Boat manufacturer charts new course with 3D printing and injection molding

University of Houston

Quick-turn machining helps University of Houston develop futuristic brain-‭machine ‭exoskeleton for paraplegics


French company uses rapid manufacturing to launch a sea change for sailboat winches


Industrial designers clash for robot supremacy on ABC with help from Proto Labs

VSP Optical

Eyewear maker uses rapid injection molding to accelerate design validation in fitness tracker

Activated Research Company

3D-printed reactor speeds chemical analysis

Lockheed Martin

Indago drone takes flight with automated design analysis

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Exhibition builds ancient civilization with 3D-printed pyramids

Trinity University and NASA

Prototyping an asteroid retrieval device for space exploration

Sportech, Inc.

Quick-turn machining helps validate design before large-scale manufacturing


Innovative startup uses low-volume injection molding to reduce time to market

Bounce Imaging

Durable plastic components key to development of Explorer tactical ball

TRW Automotive

Rapid injection molding drives development of complex clock spring

Skyven Technologies

Solar panel system leverages both 3D printing and CNC machining during prototyping


Low-volume injection molding moves kinetic energy charger into pilot testing

Fighting Walrus

Developing a recreational drone with magnesium injection molding

Huge Design

Design firm puts new spin on bicycle utility with complex DMLS lugs

Opus KSD

Handheld medical device uses 3D printing, machining and molding for iterative development

inSleep Technologies

Rapid tooling for plastic prototypes allows medical startup company to ready its clinical device


Injection molding brings educational bear to life for kids with diabetes


Surface-level weather stations incorporate injection-molded internal components


Engineers create inventive, cost-effective underwater thruster with quick-turn machining and molding

Oblong Industries

Manufacturing speed, material flexibility acclerate development of motion-sensor system for high-tech meeting rooms

Boosted Boards

Rapid manufacturing equips lightweight electric vehicle with housing for critical componentry