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Utility Storage

3Par [Utility Storage]

High-performance Prototyping at 3PAR    

Airline Components International Ltd (ACI) [Aerospace]

ACI’s Need for Speed is met by Protomold    

Allison Luedtke [Art]

Artist Adds Injection-Molded Plastic to Palette    

American TeleCare [Medical]

Molding Technology Pays Off for Medical Manufacturer    

AMPY [Consumer Products]

Injection-molded bobbins from Proto Labs used inside AMPY's wearable kinetic energy charger    

Applied Marine Technology (AMTI) [Electronics - Components]

Faster Prototyping helps AMTI Speed Product Development    

AWE Tuning [Automotive]

Designing for Performance at A.W.E Tuning    

Backwater Paddles [Consumer Products]

Prototype Positions Backwater Paddles for Big Box Success    

Ballard [Fuel Cell]

Ballard Power Systems drive Fuel Cell Commercialization    

Barobo [Consumer Products]

Proto Labs Helps Barobo Inc. Meet the Demand for Lots of ‘Bots    

BlueRobotics [Robotics]

Making waves with inventive underwater thruster    

Boosted Boards [Consumer Products]

Proto Labs Helps Equip New Lightweight Electric Vehicle    

Bounce Imaging [Military, Electronics-Components]

The Explorer Ball Spies Potential Dangers for First Responders    

Braemar Inc. [Medical]

Monitoring and Diagnostic Devices are at the Heart of Braemar    

Camrig [Consumer Products]

Rigging a "Skycam" for Kitesurfers    

Clement Clarke Communications (C3), [Consumer Products]

Protomold Technology does the Talking on Bluetooth Project    

CorDotz [Consumer Products]

Cord Knots? Not with Dotz!    

Cytori Therapeutics [Medical]

Cytori Therapeutics utilizes Protomold to get Celution to Market    

designsUnlimited [Design House]

Fast, Functional Prototypes at designsUNLIMITED    

DipJar [Electronics-Components]

Innovative startup enlists Proto Labs to reduce time to market with quick-turn injection molding    

Figaro Systems [Communications]

Giving the Opera a New Voice    

Fighting Walrus [Electronics-Components]

Magnesium thixomolded components clamp 900 MHz radio to smartphones for personal drone control    

Fortiori Design [Consumer Products]

Firstcut Helps Put the Muscle in Moxy    

Geometoy [Consumer Products]

Smart Prototyping for Smart Toys    

Gopi Corporation [Consumer Products]

Protomold, and a little star power, have helped the TurnBoard leap to new levels    

Healthsense [Medical]

Healthsense Slashes Time-to-Market with Protomold and Firstcut Prototype    

Huge Design [Design House, Recreation]

California design firm puts new spin on bicycle utility with complex DMLS lugs    

I.V. House, Inc. [Medical]

Cardboard to Prototype: I.V. House, Inc. invents device to help support IVs safely    

IDEXX Laboratories, Inc. [Medical]

Developing the Catalyst One™ Instrument at IDEXX Laboratories    

inSleep Technologies [Medical]

Medical startup company is readying a system to help those with sleep disorders breathe easy    

International Game Technology [Entertainment]

Game Designer Hits the Jackpot with Firstcut    

JDS Uniphase [Communications]

Coping with "Crunch Time" at JDS Uniphase    

Kroll Associates [Design House]

Kroll Associates Uses Proto Labs A to Z    

Lockheed Martin [Military]

Lockheed Martin's Small Drone with a Big Spirit    

Metropolitan Museum of Art [Art]

Connecting to an Ancient Civilization    

Northwestern Global Health Foundation [Medical]

Improving Infant Survival Rates with an HIV Test System    

Oblong Industries [Consumer Products]

Oblong Industries’ motion-sensor systems have altered the perception of common meeting spaces    

OceanLED [Lighting]

OceanLED: A Passion for Perfect Light    

OndaVia, Inc. [Consumer Products]

Fast Parts Get Fast Testing System to Market Fast    

Opus KSD [Medical]

Medical device closes incisions from minimally invasive surgery with subcutaneous staples    

Parrot [Consumer Products]

The Parrot AR.Drone: From Virtual to Reality with Proto Labs    

Point Source Power [Fuel Cell]

Concept of Mobile Fuel-cell Technology is Realized with VOTO Device    

Sensorstream [Consumer Products]

Firstcut Helps Put the Internet on Your Wrist    

Skyven Technologies [Technology]

Dual-purpose solar panel system offers efficient way to generate electricity and heat water    

Sportech, Inc. [Recreation]

Sportech Uses Quick-Turn Machining to Validate Design Prior to Large-Scale Manufacturing    

Sproutel [Medical]

Jerry the Bear Teaches Kids to ‘Please Feed the Animals’    

SwipeSense [Medical]

Proto Labs Helps SwipeSense "Clean Up" with Wearable Hand Sanitizer    

Table Mountain Innovation [Design House]

Rapid Injection Molding Speeds Products to Market at Table Mountain Innovation    

Tangible Design [Consumer Products]

Cuppow! From Flash of Brilliance to Finished Product in Two Weeks    

Tensys Medical  [Medical]

Medical Manufacturer Uses Rapid Injection Molding to Improve Product Design    

The Newman Group [Medical]

Newman Group Makes Sound Prototyping Choices    

Titanoboa [Robotics]

Proto Labs Helps Reawaken a Prehistoric Monster    

Trinity University and NASA [Aerospace]

Prototyping with Proto Labs for Space Exploration    

TRW Automotive [Automotive]

Proto Labs’ injection molding capabilities used for complex clock spring components    

Understory [Electronics - Data]

Surface-level weather stations provide less cloudy look at wind, rain and hail data    

University of Minnesota [Automotive]

U of M Team Gears Up for Formula SAE Competition    

Velocomp LLP [Electronics - Data]

Velocomp and Protomold Team Up to Set Speed Records    

Westhold [Electronics - Data]

Westhold Keeps Track ... at the Track    

Xerox [Electronics - Components]

When SCALE Matters: 60 Tools at a Time for Xerox