An ABS-like 3D printing material specifically created to build quality parts with micro-sized features.

3D Printed ABS-like White (Accura Xtreme White 200) part

Product Description

Protolabs’ MicroFine material is available in opaque green and gray. This ABS-like material has been custom formulated by DSM for micro-resolution stereolithography.

Key Product Benefits

  • Custom formulated for micro-sized parts
  • Can produce features as small as 0.0025 in. 
  • ABS-like stiffness


MicroFine enables the production of parts with the finest features and tightest tolerances in the industry. Color options allow for good part and feature visibility, and its mechanical properties make it a durable choice for small part applications.

MicroFine Properties

The following mechanical, electrical, and thermal property data was gathered from the base material used
in the formulation of MicroFine material. Properties of the final formulated material may differ from those
published below.

 ASTM Method Property Description  Metric  Imperial 
D638 Tensile Modulus  2,600 ± 400 MPa 377 ± 58 ksi 
 D638  Tensile Strength 60 ± 10 MPa  8.7 ± 1.45 ksi 
D638 Elongation at Break  8% ± 4%  8% ± 4% 
 D790  Flexural Strength  74.3 MPa 10,770 psi 
D790  Flexural Modulus 2,200 MPa 329,000 psi 
D2240  Hardness (Shore D)   85 85 
D256A  Izod Impact (Notched)  0.23 J/cm 0.46 ft lb/in
D570  Water Absorption  0.85% ± 0.15% 0.85% ± 0.15% 
D648 HDT @ 0.46 MPa (66 psi) 59° C 138° F
D648  HDT @ 1.28 MPa (246 psi)  50° C 122° F

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