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Finish Your Molded Part with Coloring and Secondary Operations

Posted On October 14, 2019 By Nicole Hopper
Add the finishing touches to your molded parts with custom coloring, texturing, inserts, laser engraving (pictured), inspection reports, and more.
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Aerie Designs Creates Drone Control Solution with Injection Molding

Posted On September 25, 2019 By Protolabs
Using insert molding, mold texturing, and laser engraving, Aerie Design has created a drone controller attachment to boost comfort and precision.
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Part Marking using Pad Printing and Laser Engraving

Posted On September 12, 2019 By Protolabs
A common finishing option for companies is to mark parts using pad printing or laser engraving.
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Threaded Inserts with Heat Staking and Ultrasonic Welding

Posted On August 29, 2019 By Protolabs
Get threaded inserts on injection-molded parts for added durability and to connect multiple components together.
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Enhance Parts with Insert Molding, Overmolding

Posted On August 22, 2019 By Protolabs
When designing injection-molded parts, consider using insert molding and overmolding to improve your parts functionality, appearance, or durability.
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Under Ring Helps Jewelry Owners Find the Right Fit

Posted On August 8, 2019 By Nicole Hopper
This simple product is solving a common problem in the jewelry industry and fitting customers back into jewelry that had been unwearable for years.
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Navigating From Additive Manufacturing to Injection Molding

Posted On August 7, 2019 By Gus Breiland/Eric Utley
Designers can benefit from integrating 3D printing and injection molding for an end-to-end product life cycle from prototyping to production.
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Use Color Matching to Customize Molded Parts

Posted On June 24, 2019 By Protolabs
Using custom colorant methods can help product developers design molded parts that are Pantone color-matched to their company’s specifications
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Beyond the Straight-Pull Mold: Advanced Tooling for Complex Parts

Posted On June 20, 2019 By Protolabs
Manufacturing complex injection-molded parts often requires more advanced molding techniques like side-action cams, pickout inserts, and multi-cavity tooling.
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Using High-Performance PEEK, PEI Plastics for Machining, Molding

Posted On June 13, 2019 By Steve Konick
Consider cost, part performance when choosing PEEK or PEI (Ultem) Plastics for CNC machining or injection molding your parts.
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