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Duke engineering classroom
August 16, 2021

When 3D Printing is the Double-edged Sword that Leads to the ‘Manufacturability Talk’

At our current point in time in the evolution of additive manufacturing, 3D printing serves as both a blessing and a curse with young engineers—thankfully, Protolabs gets it.
By Paul Fearis
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Design for manufacturability
Digital Manufacturing
April 16, 2021

Design for X: Developing Parts With Different Variables In Mind Can Help You Meet Your Product Life Cycle Goals

A Design for X development approach can help you meet your product life cycle goals.
By David Giebenhain
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Manufacturing Analysis from Protolabs
Digital Quoting Platform
February 2, 2021

A Deep Dive Into Manufacturing Analysis: Accessing and Interpreting Feedback to Optimize Your CAD Model

Explore how our new manufacturing analysis system can help optimize your CAD model
By Protolabs
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Consultative Design Analysis
MFG 360
October 22, 2020

Consultative Design Analysis Prepares Parts for Production

Our new consultative design service addresses design feedback and gets your parts ready for manufacturability within our automated system.
By Nicole Hopper
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Drone controller attachment
September 25, 2019

Aerie Designs Creates Drone Control Solution with Injection Molding

Using insert molding, mold texturing, and laser engraving, Aerie Design has created a drone controller attachment to boost comfort and precision.
By Protolabs
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auto engine
Industry Spotlight
August 27, 2019

Innovation Drives Automakers Forward to Navigate the Road Ahead

In an age of disruptive change for the auto industry, digital manufacturing is playing a prime role to help carmakers navigate the future.
By Jeff Schipper
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Nike Expert Studio
Digital Manufacturing
August 1, 2019

Smart Manufacturing Enables Mass Customization Trend

For user-centric products, mass part customization is making consumers the center of commerce. Digital manufacturing makes it all possible.
By Erik Thompson
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microfine green 3d printed part
Tech Tips
July 29, 2019

3D Printing Micro Features with Stereolithography’s MicroFine Material

MicroFine is an ABS-like stereolithography (SLA) material specifically designed to 3D print parts with features as fine as 0.0025 in.
By Protolabs
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injection molding production facility
Industry Spotlight
July 17, 2019

Strategic Prototyping for Human-Factors Engineering

Strategic prototyping plays a key role in the advancement of Human-Factors Engineering and medical device product development.
By Andrew DiMeo
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3D Printing Applications Engineer at Protolabs
Digital Manufacturing
July 15, 2019

MIT, Protolabs, Others Collaborate to Advance Additive Manufacturing

Protolabs, MIT, and other industry leaders are forming essential partnerships to advance competencies in designing for additive manufacturing.
By Sarah Goehrke
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Moxie designed by Gravity Laboratories
July 9, 2019

Gravity Laboratories Designs Lens Control System with 3D Printing and Machining

As aerospace industry veterans, the founders of Gravity Laboratories are applying technical expertise in controls systems, mechanisms, and electronics to solve challenges in the production and film industry.
By Protolabs
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laser cut sheet metal parts
Molding Made Easy
June 20, 2019

Beyond the Straight-Pull Mold: Advanced Tooling for Complex Parts

Manufacturing complex injection-molded parts often requires more advanced molding techniques like side-action cams, pickout inserts, and multi-cavity tooling.
By Protolabs
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