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New Technology to Support a Traveling Workforce

Posted On May 17, 2021 By Nicole Hopper
Remote-work inspired electric truck, rugged powerbanks, and laptop attachments top our list of tech to help you work from wherever the road takes you.
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Automotive Industry Embraces Additive Manufacturing

Posted On April 15, 2021 By Nicole Hopper
The auto industry embraces 3D printing with Porsche, Formula 1, and Ford all finding innovative new ways to leverage the technology
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Emerging Industry Trends Include Drones, Self-Driving Vehicles, Med Device Customization

Posted On February 12, 2021 By Nicole Hopper
We break down some of the top growing trends in the aviation, automotive, and medical sectors expected to spike in the coming months and years
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The European Automotive Industry’s Race to Electrical Innovation

Posted On March 20, 2020 By Nicole Hopper
With legislative and consumer pushes for electric vehicles and customization, the historically traditional auto industry faces a push for rapid innovation.
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Innovation Drives Automakers Forward to Navigate the Road Ahead

Posted On August 27, 2019 By Jeff Schipper
In an age of disruptive change for the auto industry, digital manufacturing is playing a prime role to help carmakers navigate the future.
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New Partnership Brings Toyota One Step Closer to Human Helper Robots

Posted On August 9, 2019 By Nicole Hopper
The auto giant teamed up with Japan-based artificial intelligence company Preferred Networks to further develop its service robot platform.
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Trending: 5G Tech, Self-Sailing Boats, Electric Excavators, and More

Posted On April 17, 2019 By Angelo Gentile
5G technology, self-sailing boats, and electric excavators are just some of the many examples of how innovation drives success in a variety of industries.
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Automotive Trends: A 3D Printing Milestone, Flex Factories, Hyperloop Update

Posted On December 18, 2018 By Protolabs
Recent automotive industry trends include a 3D printing milestone, advances in hyperloop technology, and a move to more flexible factories.
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Emerging Trends Drive Auto Industry to Shift Gears

Posted On September 26, 2018 By Protolabs
While vehicle sales continue to grow, auto industry is navigating a rapidly changing landscape in order to ensure a bright future.
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Industry Macrotrends in Manufacturing

Posted On April 2, 2018 By Angelo Gentile
From automotive lightweighting to human-factor engineering in health care, emerging trends to watch.
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