3D Printing Service

Additive manufacturing for precision prototypes and end-use production parts

How Can We Help?
How Can We Help?

Looking for more than a desktop 3D printer can provide? Need an alternative to your in-house capabilities? Our industrial 3D printing service ensures accuracy and repeatability so you get highly precise parts—every time. At Protolabs, additive manufacturing is designed for functional prototypes, complex designs, and production components in as fast as 1 day.

Which 3D Printing Process Should I Use?

Why 3D Printing at Protolabs?

illustration of 3D printing precision and repeatability

Precision and Repeatability

Get consistently accurate parts due to rigorous quality control measures and experienced process engineers.

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Material Selection

Choose from a range of industrial-grade materials including metals fit for production use and micro resolution plastics for ultra-fine part features.


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In-house Production

Maintain consistent quality and guaranteed lead times from a single supplier with in-house part production.

protolabs 3d printing service is unmatched

Unmatched Capacity

More than 100 industrial 3D printers across six additive manufacturing technologies.

3D Printing Finishing Options

Looking to boost the strength, clarity, or appearance of your 3D-printed parts? Choose from microfluidic and micro-resolution materials, metal plating, secondary machining, and custom finishes like painting, clear coating, and decaling.


3D Printing Tour

Take a quick tour through our additive manufacturing facility in North Carolina, one of the largest 3D printing operations in the world, to see how we build high-quality prototypes and fully functional end-use components and assemblies.

Additive Manufacturing Materials

We use a range of commercial-grade thermoset resins, and thermoplastic and metal powders to 3D print parts that are suitable for various part applications and industries. 


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